The bottom line for commercial projects is cost-savings and efficient and timely project management considerations. With aerial surveys, thermal imaging, 3D mapping and a host of other services, the cost of managing any commercial project has significantly reduced thanks to drones.

Aerial Affairs has been commissioned on many occasions to do some aerial work and report on various infrastructure project. From mixed-use developments and commercial property to farms and constructions sites to landscape mapping and roof inspections.

Whatever the need of the client, we provide high resolution imagery and our work can provide significant cost savings in areas like maintenance, cost savings and insurance.

We provide thermal imaging and photography for your property portfolios to establish considerations like roof insulation, materials usage, site management and much more. What was formerly done using expensive methods like scaffolding, cranes etc,  what we offer is a cost effective and reliable alternative that is safer, quicker, and can be repeated regular affordably.

Sam Muchai of Aerial Affairs has been capturing Tatu City via photos and videos for the last two years. He is very professional and reliable and a great pleasure to work with. His knowledge, creativity and attention to detail have resulted in the delivery of high quality videos and photos that document the progress of the development

Shazeen RahemtullaMarketing & Communications Manager, Tatu City